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Sarah Burbee, RD CDE

Posted on: 07/06/2015

Come meet Sarah Burbee, our Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetic Educator. Call now for an appointment to see her for a one-on-one appointment or attend one of her classes and become one of her success stories! Individual Counseling – 1 hour appointments – Don’t try and do it alone. Meeting with a dietitian to achieve a healthy weight or manage your blood glucose is covered by most insurance plans! **Wide availability for individual counseling appointments. M-F – please call to make an appointment. One support person allowed per appointment. Diabetes Management Classes – Three 3hr classes – Group classes are a great way to learn if you fit into any of the following categories: • If you notice you’re trying to do this all alone and you feel like the only person with diabetes who’s trying • If you notice you’ve developed a bad attitude, or you’ve become un-motivated. • If you used to be on track and now you’re not because no one is holding you accountable. • A recently diagnosed person with diabetes who has no idea what to do. • If you have prediabetes and you’re wondering if you can do something to prevent developing type II diabetes in the near future. • If it’s been awhile since you’ve gone to a class, and your skills are rusty. **Diabetes Management Classes cycle through every month – the first three Wednesdays of the month from 3-6pm. Please call to make an appointment. Support persons encouraged to come along for the classes. Nutrition Support Group – Free classes – no insurance needed. Group classes with general nutrition subjects relating to issues occurring at that time of year. These are usually discussion based, but can also be demonstration based if it’s a cooking class. **Nutrition Support Group is held once monthly from Sept-May. The sessions are an hour long on Tuesdays from 5-6pm. No appointment necessary. Friends are encouraged. Back to archive