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5 Stars

David Verbofsky and nurse Kelsie are outstanding in giving patient care as well as being there for patients. The tasks of medical care are overwhelming due to insurance paperwork, and prescription authorizations just to name a few. Dr Verbofsky has been helpful in assisting patients navigate all these annoying obstacles. Kelsie is invaluable in getting insurance and prescription coverage approved every time it is needed. I appreciate everyone at NSIM and MDVIP because each one of them will go the extra mile for patients. Thank You for being there. Jan Woods
5 Stars

I feel listened to,not rushed.
5 Stars

So far so good! As I have worked in medicine for over 30 years, I find it extremely important as to how you are treated by the patient coordinators and office staff. So far so good at Ninth Street Medicine. Kind, courteous, and efficient during my initial and second call. I look forward to meeting with the medical staff:)
5 Stars

I had a fantastic experience with NSIM today! After struggling all morning to reach a COVID-19 testing site and schedule an appointment, Sheila with patient services was an amazing resource. She went above and beyond to provide me with information and followed up after to make sure that my test went well. I appreciate everything she did to help in a stressful time, thank you Sheila!

COVID-19 Vaccine

We are sorry to inform you that, although we had originally planned to partner with Centennial Pharmacy Services to administer the COVID 19 vaccine shots in our office, we will be unable to
do so.

We realize that this is disappointing to many of you, as we were hoping to make it easy for our patients to obtain the vaccine. However, the Philadelphia Health Department has decided to not distribute COVID Vaccine through physician offices but to focus instead on retail pharmacies, large mega-sites, collaborative arrangements with community groups, places of worship and large hospital systems.

We recommend that you go to the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Philadelphia Health department websites as well as those neighborhood pharmacies to find a vaccination location near you to schedule your shot. See the links below. If you are physically unable to leave your home, call our office and we can help you arrange to have a nurse come to your home to administer the vaccine.

Please be sure to let us know when you’ve been fully vaccinated and we will update your health record.

WE URGE ALL OF OUR PATIENTS TO GET THE VACCINE. If you have any concerns about the safety, effectiveness, rapidity of development or other issues regarding the COVID vaccines, please contact your primary care provider at NSIM.

Please be sure to let us know when you’ve been fully vaccinated and we will update your health record. Once you have been vaccinated, please follow the CDC guidelines to fully protect yourself and others.

Please be patient. No one will be truly safe until everyone in our country who desires the vaccine has received it.  Please continue to wear your mask when outside of your home, maintain social distance, wash your hands, and follow other guidelines from the health department and CDC. Once you receive the vaccine, you will need to strictly maintain these precautions at all times until our public health officials tell us otherwise.

Wishing you good health,

The NSIM and MDVIP physicians, Nurse practitioners, and Staff

Call us (215) 440-8681  | View COVID-19 Vaccine Registration Info