Geriatric Care in Philadelphia, PA

Be ready for your golden years.

Who says that age has to slow you down? 9tth Street Internal Medicine offers Geriatric care for patients in Philadelphia. Call (215) 440-8681 for assistance in scheduling an appointment to see what the team at 9th Street Internal Medicine can do for you.

We understand that maintaining an independent lifestyle is important to many of our patients. That’s why 9th Street Internal Medicine brings you solutions for:

  • Screening for age-related physical conditions
  • Preventative health screening
  • Counseling
  • Activity Planning
  • Risk Assessment for
    • Falls
    • Psychological Status
    • Nutrition
    • Immunization
  • Screenings for
    • Colon Cancer
    • Prostate Cancer
    • Breast Cancer
  • Evaluation for
    • Osteoporosis
    • Hormonal imbalance
    • High Blood Pressure
    • Diabetes
    • Prostate Conditions

We work closely with with several high quality local specialists for management of cancers, blood disorders, heart conditions, and more.

Should I See a Geriatric Specialist?

Preventative measures are always more effective than reactive measures. It’s important to maintain your health at all ages, but when you are approaching retirement, it’s time to closely examine your health. Preventing falls, injuries, and health-related conditions can be easy with proper screening for vision, hearing, balance, and wellness. It’s important to take steps to prevent fractures by treating Osteoporosis and physical therapeutic conditioning.

Why Choose 9th Street Internal Medicine

The older you get, the more complex medical conditions become. 9th Street Internal Medicine specializes in Internal Medicine – to diagnose and treat adults with complex medical conditions. Our specialists have managed patients with strokes, heart attacks, respiratory failures, and pneumonia in hospitals. Our specialists are comfortable in treating patients with recent hospitalizations.

Preventative Care

Our providers focus on a preventative approach to geriatric health by aggressively reducing risk factors, including:

  • Controlling diabetes
  • Controlling high blood pressure
  • Managing Cholesterol
  • Proper Immunizations

Chronic Care Management

Effective on January 1st, 2015, Medicare began recognizing that care management of chronic conditions (diabetes, Alzheimer’s, depression, more) as a critical part of primary care. We at 9th Street Internal Medicine implemented this program – now you can set up recurring conversations with our providers about your medical conditions. This way, if there is a trend or a potential deterioration in health, we can act quickly and prevent further degradation of health. We can monitor for any adverse events from new medication, or any change in medication dosages.

On-Site Lab

We have our own on-site lab. Instead of having to go to another location for blood work or other lab procedures, you can enjoy the convenience of having them right here in the office.


We offer many vaccines on-site:

  • Pneumonia
  • Influenza
  • More

To request Geriatric care services, Please call our office at (215) 440-8681.

COVID-19 Update

As your primary care providers, we at Ninth Street Internal Medicine and MDVIP would like to encourage everyone to receive the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available to them. We believe in both the safety and efficacy of this vaccine. If you would like to learn more about how mRNA vaccines work, we encourage you to visit to learn more. Anyone who still has questions or reservations about getting the vaccine should schedule a phone appointment to discuss with your doctor. This vaccine is the best way for all of us to end this pandemic and get back to normal life!

We encourage everyone who is interested in receiving the vaccine to register with their local health department.

The vaccine is being offered in phases in an effort to get as many high-risk individuals vaccinated as quickly as possible. Please be patient as we go through these phases and understand there will be some variability based on your county of residence, and some of these phases will overlap. Currently we are in Phase 1a (healthcare workers and residents of long-term care facilities). Some areas are now starting Phase 1b (frontline essential workers, people over age 65, and younger adults with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, COPD, and others). There will be continued updates as vaccine is offered to additional groups, and checking your local health department website is the best way to know when it will be your turn.

We have applied through the Philadelphia Health Department to be a vaccine distributor, but we have not received any vaccine yet. We will send updates via email and the NSIM website if we are approved to distribute vaccine in the future. If you are offered the vaccine through your employer or pharmacy or local health department, you should get the vaccine that way. We will do our best to keep everyone updated as more information becomes available.

You can learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine and distribution here:

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