Making Requests

Requesting a Prescription Refill

Note: we will only renew medicine for patients seen in the office within the preceding 12 months). Please keep us informed about any change in your prescription plan so that we can prescribe the best medication for you that will be covered under your plan.

  1. Use the Patient Portal to request a refill
  2. Call your pharmacy and ask them to either fax a request to our office at (215) 440-9953 or send an electronic request to us, which is preferable.
  3. Call our office at 215-440-8681 and leave a message on our Prescription Refill Line
  4. If you are an MDVIP patient of Dr. Cohn or Dr. Barmach you may call her secretary at 215-940-9925 as well to request a refill, or follow the instructions above.

We strive to address all prescription requests within two business days. Please request refills when you have at least five days of medication remaining. For mail order prescriptions, you may need to allow at least two weeks. If your prescription plan requires us to complete a prior authorization for a particular medication, it may delay the process of your refill.

Requesting a Referral

All referrals are sent electronically. Please allow 48 hours for non-urgent referrals. They can be requested by any of the following:

  1. Use the Patient Portal
  2. In person at our office
  3. Call our office at 215-440-8681 and leave a message on the Referral Line
  4. If you are an MDVIP patient of Dr Cohn or Dr. Barmach you may also call her secretary at 215-940-9925 or follow the instructions above.

For urgent referrals that must be handled the same day, please call 215-440-8681 to speak to any Patient Service Representative.

Requesting a Copy of Your Medical Records

For medical records being sent to another physician who is involved in your medical care:

  • Use the Patient Portal. These requests will be handled within 5 business days.
  • Call the office at 215-440-8681 for more urgent requests.
  • For MDVIP patients of Dr Cohn call her secretary at 215-940-9925

For medical records being sent to a company for life or disability insurance or for legal reasons, fax the request to 215-440-9953. You will be charged a standard fee as permitted by law for processing.

If you are moving out of the Philadelphia area or transferring your care to another physician, please print the Release of Medical Records Form, (make sure this is the correct name on the top of the form), complete it, and mail it to us or fax it to 215-440-9953.

Our Fees for Form Completion

if you need a form filled out, don’t hesitate to ask us.  Mail it in or drop if off, just be sure that all your information is completed first.  Attached you will find our list of the most common forms and their fees associated.

Form Fees