Patient Centered Medical Home

The Patient Centered Medical Home is a new and innovative way of providing primary care services. The goal is better care for you, our patient. It builds on the personal relationship that you already have with your trusted physician or nurse practitioner. It includes the following:

Team Approach.

An expanded team of people is focused on your individual health care needs and your preferences about how that care is delivered. Our physicians, nurse practitioners, Clinical Care Assistants, Care Managers, Dietitian and Health Coach work together to make sure that you get the right care at the right time.

Improved Access.

Same and next day appointments, telephone care, evening office hours, after hours phone access, and secure email communication with your provider makes it easier for you to get what you need.

Electronic Health Record.

Technology gives you and your team reminders about needed care and helps monitor changes in your health over time. Your secure access to that health record allows you and your team to communicate more easily about matters that concern you.

Health Coaching and Information.

Extensive educational resources, coaching, and self management support will assist you in achieving your health goals, including wellness, diabetes, cardiac care, and smoking cessation.

Coordination of Care.

We work closely with trusted specialists and hospitals and coordinate your care to make sure that all of us are working together to assure your best health.

Watch our Patient Centered Medical Home video to learn more.