Lillian E. Cohn, MD

Lillian E. Cohn, MD

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Medical School
Boston University School of Medicine

Pennsylvania Hospital Internal Medicine

Board Certification
American Board of Internal Medicine

Specialties & Interests
Osteoporosis, Depression, Hypertension, Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia, Anemia

Undergraduate School
University of Buffalo

Primary Care Doctor in Philadelphia, PA

What I love most about being a primary care doctor is the challenge of treating each patient as an individual. I find that I must get to know and understand the unique aspects of every patient and then tailor their medical care accordingly. I enjoy the process of helping educate patients about healthy habits and disease risks, and then guiding them to better manage chronic illness. When I care for a patient with a chronic or acute disease I take pride in my ability to effectively coordinate their care which enables them to have a more positive medical outcome. It is an honor to be a physician and I find every day is different and rewarding.

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COVID-19 Vaccine

We are pleased to announce that NSIM is partnering with Centennial Pharmacy Services to administer COVID vaccine shots in our office. We have worked closely with Centennial Pharmacy Services for many years and they are a trusted partner.

We do not know when our first doses of vaccine will arrive nor do we know how many doses we will get on a weekly basis. The number of people who want the vaccine is far greater than the supply Philadelphia receives weekly from the federal government.  We are following the Philadelphia Health Department prioritization phases in administering the vaccine. We anticipate it will take at least until the end of May or longer before the city has vaccinated all people over 65, those with chronic medical conditions, and those working in occupations essential to our economy.

If you want to receive the vaccine in our office when we receive a supply:

Register your interest

You will complete and submit a questionnaire. The information you submit is confidential and the only people who have access to it are the staff of NSIM and Centennial Pharmacy. It will be used only for the purpose of COVID vaccine administration and not for any marketing purposes or sold to any other entity. Once we know that we are receiving the vaccine, you will be contacted about an appointment time by Centennial Pharmacy either by text message, email, or phone (depending on your contact preference).


If you have any concerns about the safety, effectiveness, rapidity of development or other issues regarding the COVID vaccines, please contact your primary care provider at NSIM.

Please be patient. No one will be truly safe until everyone in our country who desires the vaccine has received it.  Please continue to wear your mask when outside of your home, maintain social distance, wash your hands, and follow other guidelines from the health department and CDC. Once you receive the vaccine, you will need to strictly maintain these precautions at all times until our public health officials tell us otherwise.

Call us (215) 440-8681  | View COVID-19 Vaccine Registration Info