Pek Ieong , CRNP

Pek Leong NP.

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Pek Ieong CRNP

Primary Care Nurse Practitioner in Philadelphia

If you ask me where I grew up, I don’t know how to answer. I was born in China, but my family moved to Macau when I was teeny tiny. My family then moved to California when I was thirteen.

I lived in San Diego and completed a bachelor’s in Pharmacological Chemistry and a master’s in Chemistry with a focus on computational drug discovery at the University of California, San Diego. Close to graduation, I read a post by Human of New York about a Syrian scientist. His last sentence was “I just want to make an impact in humanity again”, which resonated with me. That’s when I decided that I wanted to go into nursing. I completed the ABSN program at the University of Pennsylvania.

Then, I worked full-time at Jefferson Methodist Hospital’s Acute Care for Elderly unit for three years while completing the master in nursing adult gerontology primary care nurse practitioner degree at the University of Pennsylvania. I enjoy taking care of the older population with a more holistic approach.

I worked as a nurse practitioner at a nursing home in Philadelphia before joining Ninth Street. Outside of work, I enjoy reading and traveling. I still read in Chinese, but will have to say due to lack of practice, my colloquial Chinese needs improvement according to my loving relatives.