Diana Zackey, MD

Primary Care Physician in Philadelphia, PA

I’m the daughter of two public school teachers, who taught Latin and English literature, and I grew up in central Pennsylvania, near Lancaster. I went to Yale for college and studied English myself, only to realize after working for two magazines and a small publishing house that I wanted to have a greater positive impact on the world and my community. I decided to do a post-baccalaureate program at the Harvard Extension School in Boston, studying all the necessary prerequisites for medical school. While I applied to medical school I worked as a research coordinator for a group at UCSF studying dementia, and in my spare time I waited tables at a restaurant. I had the chance to go to Tulane for medical school, which to me was an opportunity to explore the South and dig into New Orleans culture. After surviving medical school I was ready to come back to the northeast, and I completed my internal medicine residency at Cooper, in Camden. I currently live in West Philly where I love to grow fruits and vegetables in my garden, cook, grill, and ride my bicycle. I’m very excited to be joining the Ninth Street group and to build new relationships and improve our health together.

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